Sunday, 1 November 2015

Rabbit's Big Idea is now available in paperback from Amazon

I'm excited to announce that Rabbit's Big Idea is now available in paperback form through Amazon for USD13.00. Purchase your copy today!


  1. Elise you have triumphed early in your writing career! Rabbits big idea! Is a thought provoking and beautifully illustrated book. I had a wonderful session with my group of Kindergarten children the other day. Firstly reading your story to them! The children were silent throughout the whole reading. I then asked them what they thought. I was amazed by their responses! They had all been really moved by Rabbits situation and were moved to disappointment that family and others had not supported Rabbits idea. I was intrigued to see that it had moved the children in this way, as I wasn't even sure if they would even be able to follow the story, given I had found it so moving and inspiring to read as an adult. Your book completely absorbed a group of my kindergarten children. Well done! Catherine Myers (Country Victorian Kindergarten Teacher)

  2. Thank you, Catherine for this amazing review! I'm so glad your kindergartners enjoyed Rabbit's Big Idea and were able to empathise with Rabbit's plight. I am sure many of them will have big ideas of their own and change the world. Elise xxx