Thursday, 20 August 2015

Follow My Self-Publishing Journey

After many years of trying to get my picture book manuscripts published in New Zealand and Australia through conventional publishing companies, with no success as you may have guessed, I have decided to be brave and self-publish. Through this blog I will be sharing my self-publishing journey, so that you can learn from my experiences, and I can learn from yours!

There are many writers out there that blog, and good on them, but many are very negative I have found. For example, 'Your book probably didn't get picked up because it's crap.' Or, 'There are people that can write, and people that can't, and most people can't.' I mean to say, is that helpful? I would like to be as encouraging as possible, whilst being honest. Do your best, learn from the best, and have a go. That's what I have done.

My next post will be called, 'The Manuscript - Get It Right'.